We are Experts in Requirements

Colin Hood together with his partners in Colin Hood Systems Engineering, supports people and organisations to successfully improve quality and delivery through Systems Engineering techniques in many industries including Aerospace, Automobile, Banking, Chemical, Drug, Food, IT, Insurance, Medical, Military, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, and Transport.
Colin Hood Systems Engineering help your managers to become effective coaches.

We coach the coaches!

  • If you want
    • to have something
    • to buy something
    • to make something
    • to do something
      then you have requirements.
  • If you want
    • to do something for someone
    • someone to do something for you
    • to do something with someone
      then make sure that you share a common understanding of the requirements.

About Colin Hood

Colin3Colin Hood started work in the Electrical and Electronic industry in 1977 and has been a Systems Engineer since 1985.  Colin Hood is a founding member of the International Requirements Engineering Board, and has been a member of INCOSE since 1999.  Colin is an expert in Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management.



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Our books for your knowledge

Some of our innovations are published in books to simplify transfer of knowledge and good practice from our engineers to you.



Customer opinions


Quotes from our customers:
„Everyone loved your training!“
„We would love to have you back!“
„Your training technique is unmatched“


Quotes from our customers:
„We reduced the number of our requirements for one project from 23.000 to 12.000“,
„We reduced our effort for requirements by 42%“