If you are considering making a change, we will listen to you and walk with you along the path to your destination. Giving as much or as little support as necessary.

  • If you have a question, we will find an answer.
  • If you have a problem, we will find a solution.
  • If you need support, we will lend a helping hand.

 We will support or lead the:

  • assessment of current situations
  • elicitation of needs
  • derivation of solutions
  • and embedding of new ways to work.

We have been supporting people and organisations in systems engineering since 1985. We specialise in organisational change management, enabling people and organisations to embrace improvements which could otherwise cause stress and conflict.

We have many years experience and use and enhance lessons learned from other experts wherever we can.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants (sic. Einstein)

 We are experts in requirements.

Some of our innovations are published in books to simplify transfer of knowledge and good practice from our engineers to you.


Specialising in supporting organisations to successfully introduce improvements to Requirements Engineering and Requirements Management. Change is not just a technical issue, the major challenge is supporting people.


Quotes from our customers:
„Everyone loved your training!“
„We would love to have you back!“
„Your training technique is unmatched“

Colin Hood Systems Engineering help organisations to organise and deliver education for their teams. Training is useful as part of the overall educational package, but we know that without coaching and feedback training might have little effect.

Colin Hood Systems Engineering offer training developed specially for your needs.

We also offer standard courses for requirements tool training, and also courses in requirements and modelling methods including:

  • Understanding Requirements: How to ensure that all stakeholders share a common understanding.
  • Managing Requirements: How to ensure that changes result in versions of requirements that are properly configured.
  • CPRE: Training resulting in examination for Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level and Advanced Level